Revalidate your studies in the USA to advance your career.

With professional guidance, accurate procedures, and constant accompaniment, you will be able to transform your life faster. Learn how to revalidate your studies, prepare to obtain your Professional License in the USA and be free to practice in the shortest time and cost possible.

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Have you ever dreamed of growing up prosperous as an immigrant, but then it turned into a nightmare?

I bet you do!

You, as a professional university student who graduated in your country, surely once aspired to immigrate to the United States hoping to change your life and that of your family, guaranteeing your prosperity, a stable job, a decent home, a good education for your children and enjoy better health services and serve your community.

So you came to North America with your dreams packed.

But after a while, despite your fighting spirit and need to survive in the system, you realize that you have lost your intellectual prestige because as a professional you now work in displaced areas of your profession. You may have tried your luck in masonry, gardening, or maybe in a restaurant as a dishwasher or delivery man… that is, you became a person of a thousand uses.

And although all work is dignifying, it is not what makes you the happiest…

  • You feel impotence for not mastering English and frustration for not freely expressing everything you know.
  • You experience the feeling that your talent is being stifled.
  • You live with uncertainty about how to advance your career because you don’t know how the system works and how to navigate it.

This happens for the vast majority of professional immigrants in the United States.

This happened to Luis Morales.

As a Cuban medical oncologist living in Los Angeles, California, he waited every day at the Placita Olvera for transportation to pick him up and take him to his job as a day laborer.

Every day he asked himself: Is this the fate that awaits me for the rest of my life? Because despite being able to support his family with great effort, he was sure that his experience and knowledge were the strongest reasons why he should develop in his professional field and be victorious in this new country.

Fortunately, Luis found us and in 1 month we transformed his situation, achieving the recognition of his study equivalency.

Very motivated, he continued with the process and today he is actively working in the health area. Luis felt liberated because we broke down the mental barriers, he imposed on himself and those that the system presented to him.

This is how Luis and more than 3500 other Latino professionals have seen their great aspirations come true.

If you wish to revalidate your studies in the USA, obtain your Professional License and join the workforce in the state where you live...

First, you need to break down the mental barriers you have built and develop a triumphant spirit that will make you change the attitude you need to accept the idea that it is possible to achieve it.

Better yet, following an accelerated and assured path will allow you to achieve it in such a short time and with such an affordable investment that at first it will seem unbelievable, but when you experience the results, it will be very real and satisfying.

After this step, you will be ready to start your career advancement process, which applies to all areas, including:

Health Areas

Physicians, Dentists, Laboratory,
Psychologists, Nurses, Veterinarians.

Professional Areas

Engineers, Architects, and others.

Social Areas

Lawyers, Teachers, and others.

Steps to achieve your Career Advancement


Step 1

Complete and return the registration form.


Step 2

Make the contribution through Paypal.


Step 3

Present a digitalized copy of your university degree, certificate of studies, and your professional identification document (ID card or letter from the supervisory board).


Step 4

We will be calling you for an appointment by phone or Skype for your orientation and counseling. There, we will outline your career plan with short, medium and long term goals.


Step 5

You will be able to select a certification and we will guide you step by step through the process of your integration into the workforce.

We believe that Professional Immigrants residing in the United States are a valuable human resource...

Hello, we are Copralinc!

A community organization that brings together a valuable team of people who assist displaced professional immigrants like you, to revalidate their studies in the USA to advance their careers.

In addition, we guide them on how to prepare them to obtain their Professional License and be free to practice.

I am Dr. Rolando Castillo and I greet you with much appreciation.

They say of me that I am a “Talent Liberator” because I believe that the professional skills of Latino immigrants in the USA must stop being repressed.

In 1990, I founded Cophyla (Consortium of Physicians from Latin America) what has now become Copralinc, dedicated to capacity building and immersion of internationally trained professionals in California and throughout the United States.

For over 32 years, I have been a volunteer participant in this Solidarity Movement to incorporate immigrants who have earned their college degrees in their home countries and who have given in to the U.S. system into the U.S. workforce.

Throughout my career I have received recognition from senators and assembly members who support this remarkable struggle to free the professional talent of those who have been trapped for years between the barriers of ignorance and uncertainty of the system.

Do you want to know more about Copralinc and my personal trajectory?

I invite you to visit the About Us section to meet the team that can help you make your dreams come true.

This is how we turn your aspirations
into a successful reality.

These services are of national importance and are available to you even if you are in the process of legalizing your immigration status in the United States, that is why…

We are inclusive!


You will discover all the recommendations you didn't know so you can learn how to revalidate your professional studies, diversify your career and how prepare for your professional exams. Our alliances with Accredited Institutions assure you the integration into your profession.

of Studies

Applies to all professions and is achieved through the accelerated pathway in only 4 weeks. Includes: Translation of academic documents and Revalidation of studies. You then opt for the Preparation for your professional exams and the opportunity to continue with your master's degree, licenses and doctorate.

Access to Training

In a working partnership with Accredited Institutions, National Boards, Registries and Professional Consultants, Copralinc will provide you with a referral and access to healthcare training programs such as USMLE, NBDE, NCLEX and other certifications.

Would you like to register as an active participant in Copralinc, a stable and long-standing group in the USA?

Let’s make history together and make a difference in the lives of our international professionals and our community.

This is what professionals
who believe in us achieve...

Let them be the ones to tell you…

I am a board certified pediatrician practicing in Brownsville, Texas. Cophyla today called Copralinc provided me with support at a critical time in my career during the 1990s when I was seeking to become a physician in the United States. They provided me with the necessary study materials that were instrumental in successfully completing the overseas medical testing requirements. I am grateful for the help they provided and for the opportunity to participate in such a professional, dedicated and effective organization.
Antonio Figueroa
M.D., F.A.A.P.
Navigating the U.S. healthcare industry is quite daunting and overwhelmingly complex for someone with no formal experience or guidance. Since 2018, Cophyla, now Copralinc, provided me with the support, guidance and information to successfully enter the job market as a healthcare professional. Today, I am an Internal Medicine Resident, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of the Consortium and highly recommend it to anyone interested in taking their healthcare profession to the next level.
Roman Felix
I came to California from Mexico with my family. We quickly learned that I could not pursue my career without an equivalent U.S. license. I then met the Corporation and with their help I obtained certificates as a medical assistant, EKG technician and phlebotomist. I translated and revalidated my degree and was able to obtain a bachelor's degree equivalency here. My family and I would not be where we are without this guidance and with the support of Dr. Rolando Castillo, I have been able to continue practicing medicine as an Associate Physician in my own private clinic.
Arturo Castillo
I was born and raised in Ecuador, where I graduated as a Physician and soon after I finished my specialty as a Pediatrician. as a Pediatrician. I immigrated to the United States with my family in 1993. With the help of Dr. Castillo and fulfilling the prerequisites I attended Charles Drew University/UCLA School of Medicine, where I graduated as an Associate Physician in 2001. I immediately began practicing medicine in Los Angeles County serving the Hispanic community. This organization maintains a reliable platform for all Professional Immigrants coming to the USA in search of opportunities.
Italia Solorzano
I came to this country from Colombia looking to work in the medical field. When I had just arrived in the United States without many resources, I found the information on Cophyla, now Copralinc, and attended meetings in Orange County, CA. I discovered that Dr. Rolando Castillo was very active in removing barriers for immigrant medical professionals to validate licenses and work in the medical field. I became a medical assistant, which was the seed for becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in diabetes management, my current job.
Maria Fernandez de Fiore
I am from Chihuahua, Mexico, where I graduated as a Nurse. I came to the United States in October 2014 dreaming of being able to work as a Registered Nurse. Searching for information online I found Cophyla. I spoke with Dr. Rolando Castillo on the phone, feeling relieved that there was someone who knew much more about this transition and could guide me through this process. I started my licensure process in November 2015 and obtained my license as a registered nurse in April 2020. Several times I was on the verge of giving up, but always the corporation helped and encouraged me when I needed it.
Diana Franco Tellez

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There are more than 6 million professional immigrants in the United States, and nearly 2 million are displaced from their professions…

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