We have an international and universal heart without prejudice to any nationality

Since its beginning, Copralinc responds to
these fundamental elements:

Lack of bilingual-bicultural professionals.

The ethnic underrepresentation of Latinos in underserved areas.

Increase access to professional programs and services.

Reduce the administrative cost of existing programs.

Our Consortium is in a
very favorable transition.

It has become an even more inclusive organization. 

Since Cophyla was founded in 1990 and throughout its history, we have helped mostly professionals in the health area and, to a lesser extent, graduates in other areas. 


This new identity encompasses and includes all professionals in Latin America, graduates in the various areas of health, technical, professional, and social areas, including: 

  • University Graduates. 
  • Professional Technicians. 
  • Interns from all Latin American universities. 

We now have a more inclusive concept for the entirety of this existing population!

Our Social Mission

In a combined effort with accredited programs and institutions, Copralinc’s mission is: 

“To assist trained abroad professionals, obtain professional development by gaining access to multiple educational pathways and higher education degrees to serve underrepresented communities in California and the United States.”

Copralinc is comprised of staff and support teams representing different professional areas.

We are allied with prestigious
accredited institutions.

By the joint effort with Accredited Institutions, we assure you in obtaining the Revalidation of your Studies and your Legal Professional License, at an affordable cost and in an accelerated time.

Dr. Rolando Castillo


Dr. Rolando Castillo was the founder of the Consortium of Physicians from Latin America (COPHYLA), and currently in his transformative steps is the President, CEO, and Founder of the Consortium of Professionals from Latin America (Copralinc) that helps doctors, dentists, nurses, and other internationally trained credentialed professionals navigate the system and get to practice their careers in the United States. 

His track record summarizes great successes:

  • Served as director of the Internationally Trained Professionals Program, as well as professor of education and general studies at United States University, Cypress Campus.
  • He served as a counselor at Cypress College (2000-2011), Director of the Senior Program for Welcome-Back Centers in San Diego and Imperial Valley, where he was in charge of coordinators, nursing faculty, consultants, and day-to-day operations.
  • He worked as a Clinical Associate Professor with the University of California Irvine (UCI), Division of Internal Medicine and Primary Services and has many research publications focused on Psychosocial Medicine in Primary Area practice between 1984 and 1996.
  • He holds a Doctorate in Education (Claremont Graduate University) with an emphasis in Medical Psychology, a master’s in psychology (Goddard College), and a bachelor’s in social Ecology and Mental Health (University of California Irvine).
  • To learn more about her professional career click here.

Among the awards that Dr. Castillo has received are the following

1. Senate
Certificate Of Recognition
Ricardo Lara Senator, 33rd. District
Chair, Senate Appropriation Committee
October 23, 2015

2. Senate
Certificate Of Recognition
Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D.
Senator, Twenty-Second Senate District
 Octubre 24, 2015

3. Senate
Certificate Of Recognition
Kevin De Leon
State President Pro Tempore
Twenty Fourth District
October 26, 2015

4. Assembly
Certificate Or Recognition
Bonnie Lowenthal
Assembly Member 70th. District
March 22, 2014

5. Congress Of The United States
House Of Representatives
Letter On Rn Education And Workforce
Loretta Sanchez, Member Of Congress
Washington, Dc
October 2, 2000

6. Assembly
Letter Of Support For Nursing Outreach Program
Lou Correa
Assembly Member, 69th District
October 12, 2000

7. Senate
Letter Of Support For Rn Outreach Programs
Tom Hayden
Senator Twenty Third District
September 19, 200

8. County Of Orange
Professional Recognition
Roger R. Stanton Supervisor,
Chair Of The Board Of Supervisors
First District
May 8th, 1992

9. Assembly Resolution
Honorable Tom Umberg
72nd. Assembly District
Julio 31, 1991

10. Honorable Paula Boland
38th District
July 31st. 1991


11. Office Of Statewide Health Planning And Development
Primary Care Resource And Community Development Division
Letter Of Support For Rn Outreach Program
Priscilla Gonzalez-Leiva, R.N., Director
October 5, 2000

12. American College Of International Physicians
Distinguished Award
Palm Beach, Florida, 1997

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