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Professional Orientation

You will discover all the recommendations

Depending on the evaluation of your case, we identify your needs and offer you the pertinent recommendations that you did not know about. 

We guide you on how you can revalidate your professional studies, diversify your career and how to prepare for your professional exams.

You will receive in-depth individual counseling and a career plan designed according to your professional situation, immigration status and aspirations.

Copralinc also supports you with the translation of documents and guides you with access to internship opportunities.

We break the uncertainty of how you are going to approach the system, where you should go, what door you are going to knock on, so that you have clarity about the path of incorporation into your professional career. To make sure that this is the case, we accompany you until you obtain your Professional License. 

With this professional orientation you will be able to free yourself from the worry of being deceived by phantom agencies that can exploit you by exposing you to fraud. We emphasize that the accreditation of each institution is essential, so the law or rules that may apply to a state like California do not apply to others and many are unaware of these differentiating elements. 

That is why Copralinc, has allied with prestigious and accredited institutions to guarantee the obtaining of your Legal Professional License, at an affordable cost and in an accelerated time.

Equivalences of Studies

Applies to all professions

You achieve this through the accelerated way to get you closer to winning.


  • Translation of academic documents (Duration: 3 days). 
  • Revalidation of studies (Duration: 3 weeks).

To then opt for the:

  • Preparation for your professional exams.
  • Academic pursuit of Master’s, Licentiate and Doctorate degrees.

A great benefit of the equivalency process is that you do not need to be fluent in English, the personal interview does not apply.

You only need to present these 3 digitalized documents:

University degree, certificate of studies, and professional identification document (ID or letter of supervisory board).

Based on this, the validation of your studies is carried out to finally give you your professional academic equivalence, opening the doors to work and/or academic opportunities almost immediately. 

Once your studies have been validated, you will have the option of being placed in a clinic or company under professional supervision so that you can get to know the U.S. labor system in your new environment.

Preparation for your professional exams

This refers to the online professional exam preparation courses. After taking your exams and passing them, you will be able to access your professional area. In the case of doctors, dentists and nurses, the preparation with these courses makes it more feasible the opportunity to pass the rigorous exams: USMLE, NBDE, NCLEX.

Academic pursuit of master's, bachelor's and doctoral degrees

We make referrals to accredited institutions that offer fast track research courses, medical assistant programs, regional dental assistants with paid volunteer hours. In addition, if you wish to continue your academic preparation after your revalidation, you can do so by pursuing a master's degree.

Access to Programs
Training Programs

Partnership with Accredited Institutions

Like public and private universities, community colleges and non-profit organizations.

Health Areas

Physicians, Dentists, Laboratory,
Psychologists, Nurses, Veterinarians.


– United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE) 

The steps to follow to pursue and prepare for your professional exams and successfully pass all three components (USMLE, PART I – II -III) are:

– Continue your follow-up for your medical residency application and complete your specialty years mostly in primary care practice, namely family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, psychiatry.

– Meet hospitals accessible to international physician integration to complete your residency/specialty.

Other pathways/conversion:

– Know how to pursue your steps to complete academic “prerequisites” and apply for your timely career as a physician associate(PA-C) in accredited programs.

– Pursue your participation to convert from physician to registered nurse and continue with your master’s degree to become a master’s level nurse practitioner with accredited programs.


National Board Dental Examination (NBDE)

Steps to follow to successfully pursue, prepare for and pass your professional exams (NBDE).

– Continue to access two-year Advance Standing Programs and achieve your professional licensure as a dentist at accredited colleges and universities.

Other academic pathways: steps, details and prerequisites to fulfill to pursue your application with dental hygienist programs.

– Dentists, RDA/Southern California: certification and licensure as:

– Dental assistant (accelerated pathway).

– Certified infection control.

– Certified coronal polishing.

– Certified x-rays.

– Certified pit & fissure sealants.


National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

Steps to follow to pursue your application and prepare for your professional exams as a Registered Nurse (RN), Vocational Nurse (LVN) and Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA).

and Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA).


– Pursue your master’s level program and ‘Nurse Practitioner'(NP) degree.

Other health certifications:

– Medical assistant (national).

– Northern California: Medical assistant and dental assistant.

– Various areas in naturopathy.

– Health coach.

– Nutrition.

– Virtual courses: clinical research and workforce access.

Professional Areas

Engineers, Architects, among others: - Translation. - Revalidation of studies. - Guide for access to internships. - Professional exams.

Social Areas

Lawyers. Teachers, Administrators, among others. - Translation. - Revalidation of studies. - Guide for access to internships. - Professional exams.

You will be able to free yourself from the social areas where you have worked as a gardener, dishwasher, babysitter, etc., to integrate into your profession and render your services to our communities.

You don't have to start from High School, the process of integration into the U.S. labor force is feasible, in an accelerated manner (in 1 month).

If you are a technical professional we can help you. After assessing your studies, we determine that they have the academic equivalent in the U.S. so that they can amplify your opportunities.

If you are interested in pursuing a Master's Degree we have connections with Accredited Universities that offer the academic programs so that you can take 2 years of study to achieve your License.

Referrals to accredited groups that give you access to voluntary internships to acquire biocultural knowledge and the administrative procedures of the Institutions.

Sponsorship program, voluntarily integrated by professionals who have already obtained their professional license and guide professionals who are beginning their process to strengthen their spirit of advancement.

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